Esher - Single Storey Rear Extension Games Room

Our Project For Rear Extension Games Room

Our client came to us with the vision of creating a contemporary addition to their beautiful home. What they actually wanted was a single-storey rear extension that will provide luxurious games as well as entertainment space complementary to their unique lifestyle. 


Now, it was a period home. And with its small rooms and disconnected areas, something was absolutely wrong with that space. And we had to keep this entire thing in mind throughout the design process. We had many creative ideas, such as incorporating a themed bar, full-sized pool table, antique jukebox, unique lighting display, Extension Architecture, etc. And with these in mind, we wanted to fully utilise the opportunity of creating the space of their dreams. They fully trusted us and we helped them make the most of their budget.

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What We Came Up With 

Our client always wanted a creative transformation. But we offered an alternative that our client found really appealing and they finally wanted us to work on it. We developed a glazed connection between the spaces that would let the light flood through both the new space and the renovated downstairs layout. This is how we wanted to create a clear contrast between the old and the new.


Bold lighting is a great and unique factor that further added fun and flexible character that clearly contrasted with the period home. Also, it helped create a perfect balance between the modern and traditional. We consulted our clients and decided on a luxurious, neutral palette of colours.  The lighting and the bespoke elements are also added to the outdoor space. Our clients really appreciated our job.


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