New Malden - Restaurant Interior Design

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The Project of Restaurant Interior Design

Earlier, it was like any typical restaurant and then the client decided to adopt the ‘butcher & Kitchen’ concept. The new idea was that you can buy your meat then take it across to the restaurant to be prepared as a dish for you.

So, we had to make changes in the interior design of the restaurant to improve the use application. The client asked for natural elements but did not specify any colour scheme or design brief.

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The Solution We Offered 

We designed the new space for retail according to the client’s preference. The space is now more appealing and the butcher aspect is simply more classy now. And that means they could easily target a slightly wealthier clientele and increase the prices a little.


We used our 3D designing techniques. The visuals are photo-realistic and that helped out clients to have a better idea before finalising the design.


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