Architect vs Planning Consultant

Planning Consultant or Architect Which One Should I Choose ?

Why Do You Need a Planning Consultant or Architect for Your Project ?

You can continue to read our article to have information about who you need. An architect ? A planning consultant ? or both of them ?

A Hiring a planning consultant or an architect would be a good choice for you, if you want to extend your property or construct a new one. The professionals will assist you in the process of construction, making a planning application to the local council by specifying the best methods to increase the possibility of approval.


Advantages of Hiring a Planning Consultant vs Architect

While the planning officers evaluate your application, it would be beneficial for you to have a planning consultant or an architect on your side to work as an agent. Thanks to them, you could have an opportunity to withdraw or appeal if the application is to be refused most probably. Planning departments refrain from appeals as far as possible because it only means extra work for them. They want to refrain from this because they could extend the capacity and they are generally under-staffed.

Studio20 Architects Could Be Your Agent and Make Your Architectural Drawings.

Having agents with you is very important for you in your application processes. When the officers recommend refusal, you can also go to appeal although you do not work with agents. But, the officers would expect that it would be withdrawn. However, a professional planning consultant knows the findings to challenge. Therefore, planning officers would be more careful when you have a professional agent for your project. It is possible to say that your project would not receive a refusal as long as there is a very good reason.

In some councils, junior officers are generally burdened with much of the caseload. Therefore, refusals are easier for them as long they know that refused applications are withdrawn and not appealed. (It is known that some councils have higher refusal rates. However, if there are more experienced planning officers in the council, and good harmony with planning consultants, the refusal rate could be less than the average council rate.


In addition, it could be very difficult to reach some councils by phone, and even if you can reach them it would not be helpful. Even if your council is more approachable one when compared with other councils, they have only a few minutes for each caller, and they could use so much term that you could not understand. A professional planning consultant could help you to assess the local policies carefully, and you would not need to rush at all.

Then, they will plan a route for you to observe local policy guidelines delicately. Consultants also help you to indicate the maximum planning potential for an applicable development. You can have an idea about should you exceed your original idea to make your property more valuable

Finally; councils recede in regards to how much suggestion they provide for free. As we mentioned above, most of the councils are busy to arrange a further meeting or to write an advice. These kinds of services mean extra costs for you. Studio20 Architects have time for you to give suggestions; and a mini-feasibility study. We also provide free quote opportunities and invite you for a presentation.

Drawing Will Also Be Necessary

For a complete planning application, architectural drawings would also be necessary. Although most architects would do drawings, they would not offer much planning suggestions. In the process, they would submit your application or liaise with officers for you. To work with Studio20 Architects would be cost-effective and suitable for you because we offer both services (drawings and planning suggestions.) We do not take any additional cost for submission and liaisons. So, get in contact with us and do not feel anxious.

Before & After Designs

Studio20 Architects team has expert planning consultants and architects at the same time. Thanks to our ‘’one-stop-shop’’ service, it would be possible to;

Cut down your fees

Spend less time

Increase the value of your property or land or at the maximum level: we can assist you about what could be achieved

Have the best possibility of receiving planning permission in your first application. Our success rate is 96%

Because they know what strategy is required they could apply for more square meters. Moreover, they could also add a planning statement to your application to make it more powerful.

Support your application with our 3D Design Package. To show the scale and to convince the planning officers that the massing will correspond and not be monstrous we prepare 3D walk-throughs. The walk throughs also indicates that the aesthetic design is compatible with the neighbouring homes.

Our architects will form the best sections, elevations and plans for you while making a powerful, original statement. Then, in the pre-building stage, our architects could create building regulations drawings for your project. In addition, they can help you with tender packs and they can get in touch with the authorities if there is any need in the construction stage.


The Planning Steps

Here you can see a synopsis of the basic planning schema to make clear what could be an unspecific and discerning subject for most applicants.

1: Takt to your planning consultant or an architect to understand what is executable. 2: The practice of your architect’s will create and submit your application with required drawings and supporting statements.

3: Validation The LPA would validate your application in 2 weeks. If your application is rejected, you would be invited to submit a different application.

4: Registration: Registration is the beginning of the statutory. Council could spend 8-10 weeks on this part. In case they are busy, the process could take 12 weeks. (they could be penalised for this but it is still possible.)

5: Consultation: 3-4 weeks after registration. In this part, your neighbours, parishioners and technical professionals of the project are consulted.

6: The application goes to a case officer who has the authority to apply amendments and repeat the consultation stages.

7: The case officer prepares a report.

8: The report is sent to a planning committee or the delegation makes the decision

9: The decision is either granted or refused, or the council could not make a decision within 8 weeks.

10: If the application is granted, there could be conditions or not. If the permission was with conditions, you will be required to discharge those and begin the project within the time allowed. If it is refused, it is possible to appeal or resubmit with some changes. The appeal is also possible if it is not decided within 8 weeks.

11: Your appeal would be in a written form and will go to a hearing or a public interrogation.

12: Your appeal would be granted or refused. If your appeal is refused, you can alter the proposal and submit it again.

Planning with laptop

As Like As Two Peas

After reading this article, you can easily understand why it would be a good idea to hire a planning consultant or an architect’s practice to work as your agent. Indeed, it could be possible to say that hiring a planning consultant is more important than your architect choice because sometimes the planning officers would demand revisions or resubmit in a very short time. That would be a very difficult task if the project has no agent.

Our architects could edit drawings rapidly and our planning consultants could change the planning route if it is required. It is very beneficial for you that we have experts in both areas. These kinds of tasks could be difficult for an architectural designer. This is our motto: we have both.

You can visit our website, you can call us for a free planning consultation and get a price, or you can use our online contact form. A member of our planning consultants will call you back to have a chat about your proposal.