House Build Cost UK 2020

One of the most popular questions that is asked to me by my clients when I am working on their projects is always about building costs in London and the other parts of the UK.

After completing 700+ projects in London or other regions of the UK which contain renovations, extensions and new build flats and homes, the easiest answer we can give your question about the cost of building a house would be to assess the bills of quantity (BOQ) and the drawings of your projects. You can be sure that this is the best way to calculate the true cost of building. However, you need to keep in mind that there could always be some potential hidden dangers while estimating the price of a flat in the UK.

I also believe that you can use industry standards to make a more accurate cost estimation of building a home when you are in the preparation phase of the development. Particularly, if you did not obtain the tender drawings, building regulations and planning permission for your project.


Have you ever heard that building prices in London are the second most expensive prices in the World and it is still rising ?

Costs of house building diversify according to location. It is possible to say that the most expensive location for building a house is central London. It is also the second most expensive one in the whole world.

As we can see in the next parts, there are several factors which affect the price of building a home. The location of the building, plan and specifications and the level of competition for price offers are the first ones come to mind. Input costs are also significant factors which have an important effect on the building costs. You should also not to forget that labor accounting generates 40-45% of the final cost of building projects in the UK. Today, in this article I will try to give you some early suggestions about the potential cost of your project I will pass over the industry’s general prices of building per square meter in the UK.

You would also see the most important three factors which have an impact on the total cost of building a home. I will try to give you some tips to reach the best value in every stage of your projects. Moreover, you would also see some methods for preventing unexpected expenses.

If you want to learn more details about the cost of building a house in London, I can say that you are at the right place!


1) Building Design

Think about this situation: you allocated money for the project and you are very excited. However, there is one problem, you have missed some points while estimating the expenses of building a home. Then, suddenly you may have to watch the increase of the building costs while the construction progresses due to wrong plans.

I can presume the frustration you may experience after this kind of situation. Most people want to hit their heads against a brick wall. However, you do not need to feel in this way. I can give you some suggestions about this matter, and thanks to these suggestions, you can prevent these kinds of small but annoying mistakes in the future.

One of the major factors which affects the true building cost of a home would be the building design of course. Therefore, I advise you to work with a reputable architect who is experienced in designing projects like yours. A reputable architect would add class to your project according to your wishes. The most important fact about them is that they act in a way does not exceed your limit.


Another professional you must employ is a building contractor. When you employ the right building contractor, he would understand the tender spot of target costing for your project. You need to know that, most building contractors may under-quote at the beginning of a project, particularly for design and build contracts, then they demand an extra payment. To avoid this, I can suggest you to appoint independent architects who would act as the Principal Designer and Contract Admin for your project instead of leaving this specific part of the project to a building company.

It is very important that your project must be carefully developed by the architects you employ from the start of the project. This work generally contains the features of the building which is important for structure and insulation, and air-tightness at the same time. You should know that these parts are very significant for the building and they will be there for the entire life of the building. Thus, they will affect the life of the people who will live in the building in a negative or positive way depending on the decision they made at the beginning of the work.


The architects you employ for the project should share the project’s tender drawings, planning permission and building regulations with the builders when the project is in the tender stage. In that way, potential builders will understand the plan easily. In addition to that, they can value the costs of the project successfully. In that way, the contractor you pick for the project will not be able to change the building fee while the construction is going on. The result?

As a result, can watch the project relievedly because you would know there will be no additional costs.

If the specifications of the project is well detailed, the risk of having insufficient materials or manpower will be reduced.

How could you benefit from this? The possibility of disputes on the quality of the work will also reduce because there will be absolute standards for the quality of substances and the workmanship.


2) Specifications

You would have lots of design and specification options while building a new space. As you can guess, every choice you make will affect the total cost. If you select more expensive materials for your new building, you would need to spend more money naturally. Your decisions about some particular details like finishes, fixtures and specifications of the project will affect the total price and the speed of the work at the same time.

Decisions regarding the materials which will be used in your project will be the architect’s responsibility. They must have an understanding of applicable parameters to choose construction substances that could be a big load for you. Specifications of your building are really important for its flawless performance over its entire lifetime.

Perhaps you think ‘’how much detail can a project include.’’ However, an elaborated specification will be based on the intricacy and necessities of the work itself. I could suggest basic specifications i.e. itemizing products and stuffs according to brand and model for full accuracy and correctness. This is a must for all professionals in the industry. Now, consider this kind of situation for a second.

If you present 100 matching drawings and specifications to 100 contractors, you will absolutely get 100 different price estimates from each of them. Amazing, isn’t it?


If the tender documentation of your project is accurate, your total house build fees will generally be within a tolerable scope of some +/- 10% of each of them. Bigger divergences within estimates tend to originate if there is still equivocalness on the project. So we can say that, bigger deviations originate when your projects specification list is not realized appropriately.

At Studio20 Architects, we help our clients to design their bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. By submitting a range of alternatives for finishes, from wall paints, flooring, windows, lighting and doors to switches, sanitary items and sockets we provide customers with the perfect balance between the performances, fees, and necessities.

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3) Project Management

Another factor will have a big effect on your house build fee is the project management method you choose for the building of your house. Perhaps you can choose to take charge of all the project management work personally, hire subcontractors and save the expense of hiring a main builder in that way. However, you could also choose to use a main contractor as the project manager in your project. By doing that, you can save time energy.

Can you see our potential in this field?

On the basis of our experience in developing houses in the UK, we can say that, main reason of paying more than 100k, the most important reason of this would be the professional project administration by the main builder and the professional project watch by the Principal Designer of your building project took an important in delivering these outstanding results. Let me explain you how we do it as Studio20 Architects

We offer our customers a simple, low-risk convergence to deliver present hands-on project observation together with useful and economic cost engineering? How do we achieve that? The simple answer for this question is using plan and build rules as well as quality control techniques, work program control and cost control.

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As a result, we can talk about many factors which have an effect on the building cost estimate and have a big impact on the project fees. They could be summarized as following:

Site investigation, destruction, site clearance, new fitting.

Foundations, substructure, insulation, drains and floor plate.

Superstructure, internal walls, external walls, insulation, roof structure and air-tightness.

Tiles, external finishes, wall facade lining, doors and windows and gutters.

Sanitation system, air conditioning, services and fit-out, heating, doors, and stairs, electrics,

Flooring, Decorations, finishes, plaster-work, furnishing and sanitary and lighting.

Paths, terraces, planting, landscaping driveway..

Welfare, Site management, framework and fencing health and security,

Please keep in mind that, as well as the building costs shown in this article, there could be different situations where further fees might originate because of unexpected conditions on your site. These might contain but are not limited to, slanting ground, poor ground or structural status and contamination, all of which will be taken into consideration when the project is going on.

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House Build Fee per Square Meter

Building fees in the UK start from £1,750 per square meter.

The price of building a home is generally calculated in pounds per square meter of the floor field, so the larger the floor area, the bigger the overall price.

In 2020, a cost estimation for a home is about £1,750 and £3,000 per m2.

Apart from these fees, you would also need to allow an extra 15% of the building fee to afford the costs of employing your architect, engineer and project managers (or a multidisciplinary architecture practice such as Studio20!) in addition to other miscellaneous consultants required to carry out your project. You would also have to pay an extra 8% of the building fee for statutory consents and contingencies.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 2 Bedroom House?

The expenditure of building a 2 bedroom house in the UK is about £187,625.00 to £281,437.00.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 3 Bedroom House?

The expenditure of building a 3 bedroom house in the UK is about £242,250.00 to £363,375.00.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 4 Bedroom House?

The expenditure of building a 4 bedroom house in the UK is about £294,500.00 to £441,750.00.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a 5 Bedroom House?

The expenditure of building a 5 bedroom house in the UK is about £318,250.00 to £477,375.00.