How to Perform a Successful House Extension?

If you perform a successful house extension in your home, you can transform your humble home into a big, valuable home. When high house prices and costs of moving are taken into consideration, improving your house instead of moving into a new one would be a good idea. In that way, you can maximise the potential of your home.

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Living Room


Creating A Good Brief For House Extensions

If you want to perform any type of house extensions in your home, first, you should decide what you want to change in your property. You should avoid focusing too much on little details. Instead of that, you should decide if you want a bigger kitchen, bedroom or an extended ground floor to the right, next to the kitchen etc.

If you specify what you want for your home clearly, an architect can provide you with his/her professional advice. The type of extension you consider as the best option for your home may not be the best option for you. In a good house extension brief should include;



● Maximum budget when contingencies taken into account

● Allocated budget

Problems of existing house, such as

● Very small kitchen

● The garage is largely under utilised

● An en suite need of the main bedroom

● Needing an extra bedroom

● Needing a separate annexe