Kitchen Extension Costs

Kitchens could be defined as the heart of a home. Thus, it is easy to understand why kitchen extensions are popular. We can talk about different reasons to explain why people demand kitchen extension so much,

Kitchen extension can open a new space in your kitchen. Moreover, it is one of the ways of adding value to your property. Lots of people are curious about the cost of a kitchen extension project. The costs vary between £20K to £50K + VAT. Of course, the size of the project and the location of the property are important factors which affect the cost.

You also need not to important that, the version of extension would also affect the final cost. You should know that, the costs are approximate, and glazing & kitchen furnishings are not included in the price. There are many products you can prefer, and of course they have different prices.

Let’s see some options that you can prefer...


Side Return Extension

This option is small but assertive one. Although a side return extension does not add an enormous space to your home, it creates a new space in your kitchen. Another advantage of side return extension is that it is an affordable option for small budgets.

Side return extension takes your property out into a backstreet at the side of your home, if one side is present. Generally, they are added to old houses, especially to the old properties which were built in the Victorian era.

You may take your home to another level with side return extension thanks to new light sources and new space. Average prices of side return extensions are about £50k + VAT. The price could be lesser in remote areas from London.


Rear Extension

If you do not have enough space in your home for a side return, a rear extension would be a good idea for you. In this type of extension, will move your kitchen out into your garden. Thus, you need to decide how much green space you are ready to use.

Rear extensions are also popular form of extension. Bringing a new space and light to your kitchen are not only reasons for their popularity. They are also known for being cost-effective type of extensions because of their simple design.

Like other types of extension, their cost could vary depending on some criteria. However, we can say that, an average cost of a Rear Extension project would be about £30K + VAT in London and £20k + VAT in different regions of the UK.


Wrap Around (L-Shape) Extension

Wrap around extension could be explained as a combination side and rear extensions. The wrap around extension could change the appearance of your kitchen completely.

You can move to open plan living style that you have been dreaming for years thanks to extra space you will have with the wrap around extension.

Wrap around extension would also be a good choice for growing families as it makes it easier to combine living room, kitchen and other areas with the new space. You may expect to pay £65k + VAT in London and £40k + VAT in the other cities of the country.

Conservatory Extension

Conservatory Extension

Conservatory extension are used for opening out the dining space in your home. The most important reasons of choosing conservatory extension are having more sunlight in the home and its affordable price.

They are affordable type of extension because they are formed off site usually. Conservatories could be found in all shapes and sizes.

Average prices are about £10K. However, you need to ensure that, glazing specification blocks excessive heat in the summer and extreme cold in the winter.

Kitchen Extension Costs

As we said above, there is no standard price for any type of extension. Greater expansions are possible for some properties when compared with other properties. Site constrains are the most important factor in deciding the prices. In addition, you need work with different professionals in a kitchen extension project. The price you need pay them also varies among competitors.

Reciprocally, the value of your property would increase between 5% and 10%. Therefore, it would be plausible to think kitchen extension as an investment. You can use our valuation tool for free to see how much price an extension would add to your property.

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