Obtaining Planning Permission For a New Build House

Individuals want to build their own home or developers want to start a new residential project are at the beginning of a possibly stressful process.

It is not an easy task to get planning permission for a new build home. You need to spend hours on research, writing and design. Moreover, you would also need hours for review and collaborative problem solving tasks.


If you do not get help from professional architects, it would be difficult for you to understand the content of policy papers. Therefore, you must work with a professional architecture firm. It would be easier to get planning permission for your extension plan. Moreover, if you try to overcome the planning permission process by yourself, you may lose time and money. You need to work with architects and planning consultants who have experience in the planning permission process. You may also want to learn the details of the planning permission stages.

To fulfill all your needs, we will give information on the fundamental steps of obtaining planning permission for a new build home in this post.

What Is a New Build Home?

First, we need to define what a new build house is.

As you can understand from its name, it is a residential building which was not there in any way. Thus, conversions or changes took place in existing buildings are not new building homes.

Because the new build house term is really popular these days, you may be familiar with it. The UK government has been trying to increase the number built to stabilise the housing market in the United Kingdom. A new build house involves;

● The structure of the home

● The foundations

● All the fittings and fixtures

● Access points from and to the new home

● Facilities like gas, water and electric

Whether the house is built for you to live in, or to sell on or to invest in, you must obtain permission - unless it has already been given.

Building Construction

Planning Permission

When you obtain planning permission it means that your local authority permits you to build a property of a specific size on a certain area. To get a planning permission for a new build house, you must submit a planning application. To do that, you may need the help of experienced architects and planning consultants.

While making the application, specific issues are taken into account. These issues are also known as “material planning considerations”.

The following material conditions could be related to your project, and your planning authority. Your local authority will look at what weight is to be given these conditions in your project.

● Overlooking and loss of private space

● Loss of Natural Light

● Capacity of physical substructure

● Disturbance or Noise

● Loss of outlook and Overshadowing

● Loss of trees or negative effect on trees

● Influence on conservation area and listed buildings

● Highway issues such as traffic generation, highway safety, vehicular access,

● Handling or storage of dangerous materials and contamination in development area

● Layout and density of property design, finishing materials and visual appearance

● Smell or smoke Remember: Your project will be subject to national and local policy requirements, so it’s always good to prepare yourself with plenty of research.

● Unacceptable or Incompatible uses


Reasons To Build A New House

It could be a strange decision to build a new home while there are houses that you can buy on the market. To build a new house, you must find a proper land, obtain planning permission, then source a builder in order to finish the project without exceeding your budget. When these necessities are taken into account, building a new home seems more stressful than buying a pre-built one. Then, why try to get a planning permission for a new build home instead of pre-built one? Below, you can find out why...

Custom-Made Living Area

Building a new house has some aesthetic and functional advantages. First of all, you can design your house based on your preferences. You can choose wall colour, furniture, lighting and other important elements of the home by yourself. As Studio 20 Architects, we can make sure that we will adhere to your preferences while building and decorating the new house. You’ll take part in the process from the first day until the end.

Do you need a separate space for a wheelchair, or want to adapt the house single-floor living? All you need to do is to let us know. If you want a big kitchen in your new build home, we will give priority to your wish while building your home. If you need three bathrooms, this is also not a problem for us. We’ll make your dreams come true.

Building Roof

Low-Cost Housing

Another advantage of new-build houses is cheap prices when compared to pre-built houses. When you buy a land that does not have a planning permission, and obtain planning permission yourself. The price of land will increase naturally. In other words, you can buy the land, obtain permission and sell the house for a profit without even taking part in building work.

However, building a new home instead of buying from a developer, or buying a home which already has inhabitants, could be an economic way of getting a new property. If you go through the proper passages in the planning process, and negotiate well, your new house will be in accordance with your needs, and you can also save money.

Who Is The Right Expert For This Process?

As you are making an effort to get planning permission, you will need to get help from professionals. The support of professionals can increase the chance of approval. Below, you can see a list of experts that can support you along the process.


Planning Officer

Planning officer from your local authority is the first person that you can receive support along the process. These people do not mind allocating time for your process, and they can also arrange a meeting on your site to discuss your potential project. If your ideas about the site are very specific, a planning officer can give you advice on the application process.

This could be a good start for your project. If planning officers tell you a detail about your project is prohibited, then you can rule it out and keep permitted details. The more information you get from the planning officers, the more likely your application will obtain permission. Do not forget that you won’t have spent money on the project yet.

Experienced Architect

The help of a skilled architect is also a must for you. Their advice is very valuable for you. Architects will get your ideas down on paper. Moreover, an experienced, skilled architect may help you get your application over the finish line. To achieve that, they will listen to your ideas, take notes of your important points and your desired result. They will do their best to find a solution for you.

They can also give advice to you about which materials you should use to increase the chance of getting permission. Thanks to a skilled and experienced architect, you can achieve your objective while meeting the necessities of your local council. At the end, the money you spend for their charges will be less than you would need to spend without their help along the process.

Looking At Plans

What Are Types of Permission?

Obtaining planning permission for a new build house does not mean that you can start building the home. It depends on what type of planning permission you got.

There are two planning permission types;

Outline Planning Permission

The first one is outline planning permission. This type of permission could be understood as test permission. You can apply for this type of permission to see if your project is worth to apply for a detailed planning permission.

Detailed Planning Permission

This type of planning permission is an indicator for you to start working for your project. You can build the project that is on the plans, and you can make your dream of building your own home come true.

To get this permission, the architect’s have to be perfect. All details from the restrictions of your authority to the desired outcome should be included. With a good architect and good designs, you can obtain planning permission for a new build home.

The Next Step

When your plans are ready, you approve them and your architect draws them up, they will be submitted to your local authority. You will need to pay for submissions, and the starting price is £300. To have a certain idea about the fee, you should check your local authority.

Looks At Construction Plans

The Waiting Period

Authorities have 16 weeks to make their decision. In this period they will;

● Check out the plans

● Visit your site

● Cross-reference your project against their criteria

● Evaluate the impact on the neighbourhood

Thanks to these steps, it will be easier for them to make their decision. The 8 week period is not written in stone, however there are some strong stimulatory measures from the central government to make this possible. In a shorter time than two months, you will have information about the status of your application.

The most important advantage of the 8-week period is that you will learn the decision in a short time. The disadvantage is that the planning departments do not have enough time to consult with you, request changes or negotiate as they could do before.

The Appeal

You can object to the decision if your application does not approverd. This is a totally free process. A neutral party -someone who was never involved in the original decision- will look at your application. Appeals are not successful in general because the criteria, and your application would be the same when you appealed. It is better for your project to be accepted in the first application. The support of a professional architect who is experienced in this type of project would be very beneficial for you.

Construction Work

Advices For Developers

If you are a developer and building two or more houses, you will have different problems. The decision will be made on the same basis. But the scale would be larger.

For example, issues like parking become more important for you if you build two or more houses instead of one house. Authorities will also consider the traffic management around the site. Moreover, your neighbours should continue their life in a peaceful atmosphere while your buildings are constructed.

As a developer, you absolutely need the assistance of a professional, experienced architect because the costs are higher, and there are bigger risks. You should understand that the scale will be larger for you than a regular new build house project.

How Studio20 Architects Can Help You Get Planning Permission for a new build house?

At Studio20 Architects, we have experienced engineers, planning consultants, designers, and they are well-equipped. We can make your dreams come true. Please contact us today to start working for your project!