Structural Engineer Costs in 2021

Anyone who works on any type of construction, will most probably need to employ a structural engineer for the project at some point. Structural engineers have a key role in the safety of all types of construction projects such as demolition of an old building, erecting a new property or remodelling of an outworn house.


Hiring a structural engineer is not only important for your safety in the building in future, but also for the current safety of the builders on the building site currently. Normally, you should hire a structural engineer at the building regulations drawing stage of your project.

At that point, structure engineers will provide you with the structural calculations which are very important for the start of the construction. Top-end mathematics and physics knowledge of structural engineers would be very helpful to you at that stage. If you want to have a building that is 100% secure you should hire experienced, skilful structural engineers. People who understand the importance of structural engineers in the projects are curious about the average cost of hiring a structural engineer.

The Cost of Hiring A Structural Engineer in 2021?


Actually, we have a simple answer for this question. It depends on the project. There are many factors which affect the cost of hiring a structural engineer such as the number of visits along the project, the elements involved in the construction, the place of building etc. Most of the structural engineers charge per hour. If you want to have a safe and A+ quality project, it will cost about £100 per hour at most.

However, some engineers have a fixed price. An engineer who works on fixed price visits the site and before deciding on the fee, they will see plans for work. After that, s/he will tell you the price. Depending on the complexity and size of the project, the price could vary between £250-£3,000.

Are There Any Extra Fees ?

Yes. there could be some additional fees. Generally speaking, the cost of hiring a structural engineer will be about £90 per hour or £400 per week. Some of the firms or engineers who work independently make you pay for the flat fee. Some examples of additional fees are below;

● Minimum cost for specific inspection report will be about £300 (VAT not included)

● Minimum cost of a walk-around survey will cost about £200 (not including VAT)

● The cost of general structural report and inspection are about £500 (not including VAT)

Keep in mind that different firms and engineers have different pricing policies. Thus, you should check the prices carefully during the decision stage. Please make sure that the final report is included in the quote you get. This document will be considered as a proof of safety of your building. If the quote do not cover this document, you will have to pay an additional fee for it.

How Much Will I Need To Pay For A Structural Report?


As you can guess, you also need to pay for the Building Survey as well as the cost of the engineer. In 2021, the average cost of it can vary between a few hundred pounds and £3,000. The cost will vary depending on the project. Building Survey is a very detailed report and it shows the condition of the structure at the time of inspection. Although this report is an expensive one, it is the benchmark for evaluating the construction and condition of any property.

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