What Is The Cost of a Garage Conversion?

If we need to state an average price for converting your garage, it would be realistic to expect a price between £11,000 - £25,000 for an ordinary house.

However, as you can guess, similar to other types of conversions, every different project has their unique features and because of that, what you plan for your garage extension is important for prices. Before having your garage extended, there are some important points you should consider…

Living Room

Is garage conversion a correct choice for you?

Before budgeting for garage conversion, you need to decide garage conversion if the garage conversion is the proper way for expanding your home.

Garage conversion have several advantages. As well as being affordable, garage conversion gets planning permissions easier when compared with other type of extension. However, you need to keep in mind that, it comes with the loss of your garage, and this could be a problem for you depending on your location. Removing your garage from your house may devalue your house whether you have your own car or not, if the parking is paid in your neighbourhood.

You also need to decide which type of room you want to convert your garage. You can choose…

  • Kitchen extension

  • A new bedroom or bathroom

  • Home gym

  • Home cinema

No Limit!

Although not all these rooms are the same, you better keep in mind that ground level bedrooms & bathrooms add less value to your home than the ones in upstairs. If you have plans for selling your home in the future, this is a very important detail.

Working Out

Garage conversions:

New Doorways Windows £600 - £1500

More than one window is a necessity if you want to bring more sunlight to your new room, and you would absolutely want an access point i.e. a door. These features could vary based on whether a standard model is OK for you.

Taking Garage Doors Off £1300 - £2000

The most obvious part of garage conversion is turning the car hole into a wall. For this job, you will not only need to pay for the materials but also for the contractors. Perhaps, you would need a little foundation placed in. A structural engineer could give advice to you about this issue.