Where To Start a Home Extension Project?

We think you agree with our idea that improving home is a much better idea than buying a new one. While the prices of properties are rising dramatically, the number of homeowners who prefer staying in their home and adding extra space are increasing. However, where do you start ?

Is Home Extension worth it?

Interior Extension

Before starting spending your money, we suggest you consider how much value a home extension project will add to your property.

You can receive advice on whether a home extension would be a good investment for you or not from a local estate agent. For instance, you might spend £30,000 converting a loft into an additional room.

However, you could not be sure that the extension will increase the price of the flat by that amount. Of course, the only reason to extend your home is not adding value to it. Perhaps your family is growing and you need an extra space.

Planning permission


We advise you to check if your project needs planning permission before starting building your extension. Webpages of councils would be a good starting point for you. Moreover, you can also take advice from professionals in the building field such as architects.

Permission could be granted subject to specific requirements or rejected. Council planners take some issues into consideration such as effect on neighbours, characteristics of the area and road-security.

Some schemes, such as simple loft conversion and minimal rear extension are included in permitted development and there is no need for approval. If your home is listed or your location is in a conservation area, rules are stricter. For these kind of situations we advise you to have a look at our guide.

Building Regulations


Even for the projects which you do not need planning permission, the project still needs to assort with Building Regulations.

Building regulations set minimum standards all over the country for design and construction to guarantee the security of life of people who live in and around the buildings.

Energy efficiency is another issue of course. You’ll need to check who executes the project and could either certify the project they do themselves or will cooperate with the local building control officers at your council to examine the work.

A certificate is released on finalization of the project if the project fulfils Building Regulations. If your project could not meet the rule, you could be delivered a notice to have the malformed work fixed or destroyed. If you decide to sell it, you could face some problems because of this situation. Thus, we advise you to read our guide about building regulations.

Extension Designing

Extension Design

The most important question you need to ask is if your project requires an architect to design your additional living space or not. Even for large extensions, there is no law which makes it mandatory to use one.

However, if you employ an architect s/he can find a way to give you an extra living space out of your home and add remarkableness to it. As it is required by their profession, they could come with solutions about the design which could never be imagined by builders or you.

Architects could also assist you in the process of applying for building regulations and planning permission. Employing an architect in the project means a superior design in general. However, you’ll need to add their cost to your budget.

Who will run the building project ?

If the house extension project, for instance a loft conversion is executed by a design and build company, this will be handled for you. However, if you have designed it on your own, or employed an architect in the project, you will have to find a main contractor to control the build.

Instead, you might choose to manage the project yourself using sub-contractors for every stage such as plumber, electricians and plasterers. If you wish to work with Studio20 Architects will help you to evaluate the quotes from specialists and would be happy to help you in appointing the contractors.

Drawing Up a budget

Calculator with pen and paper

You should be realistic about the goals you want to achieve with your budget. We suggest you talk to your builder and have an idea about costs. You can learn what the plan charges per square metre of floor space.

Other elements which could affect the cost include whether or not foundations must be dug, material quality such as finishes and interior fixtures or roof tiles.

Do not forget to take professional fees into account, and ensure VAT is included in all of your budget plannings. It would be a good idea to allow 10 percent additional for abrupt extra fees. We suggest you form an opinion about the potential prices of extension, and how much time you need to spend to build it. In this way, you can budget your project better.

Moreover, you could hold yourself in readiness against contingencies. If you would be guided by our suggestions, surprise situations and potentially expensive issues would not dampen you.

Household insurance


It’s very important to inform your household insurance provider about your plans prior to starting construction.

The new extension could increase the rebuilding expenses of your home, and this may have an effect on the policy premium. When you get contact with them, your insurer could tell you if your present policy would insure the latest extension.

If you do not inform the insurer and there would be a problem in the project, your policy could be null. Perhaps, you will need site insurance because most household insurance providers will not insure the property against risk of harm during the building project. We advise you you check your policy papers.


Before applying for planning permission, it would be a good idea to inform your neighbours about your plans. We advise you to show them a sketch scheme, and learn if they have any concern about the project.

For instance, disruption in the process of construction work overlooking could be an issue for some of them. The advantage of informing them is that some issues could be resolved in the early designing phase.

Your neighbours will receive a letter from the local planning authority whether you apply for permission and demand to comment. Therefore, it would be beneficial for you to win them over.

If there are still some questions on your mind, you can sign up for a free consultation call with our staff who are specialists in issues such as planning permission, extension prices, or some other issue about the extension procedure.

Likewise, if you are planning to have an extension on your home or want to learn something about extension possibility of a new house, you can get an immediate price offer now.

Similarly, if you think about having an extension on your property or want to have an information about extension potential of a new home, you can receive an instant price quote today.