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Finding Structural Engineering In London

Qualified Structural Engineers in Richmond

Studio 20 Architects has a team of highly qualified structural engineers who partner with our professional architects and interior designers to achieve beautiful and efficient structures that work. We offer integrated in-house structural engineering services in Richmond, delivering innovative and effective solutions for our clients. One of our structural engineers will conduct structural calculations to plan out your project’s foundations. This is a crucial phase that occurs during the building regulation drawing stage. It helps ensure that the architects, designers, and builders involved in the process are working on the same calculations.



A structural calculation report includes the key information such as structural works, foundation measurements, any potential risks, etc. Whether it’s a single-storey house extension or a new build flat complex, you can count on our trusted and qualified structural engineers to carry out structural calculations in accordance with Government requirements. Contact us now to get a free quote.

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Our Process

Our structural engineer will conduct a site survey to study the structural integrity of the building. They will check the condition of the foundations, exterior walls, and relevant infrastructure of the building. He will double-check all the measurements to ensure the accuracy of any future drawings.


The engineer will use the relevant information discovered at the site visit to create the required drawings and calculations for Building Control. We can ensure that the documents contain the correct information needed for Building Control and for your contractor. Contact us now!

Professional Advice

Our structural engineers have many years of experience developing structural systems for buildings of all types and sizes. They can design structures using glass, timber, concrete, steel, and aluminium. Our experts will also give you professional advice on the perfect design of your project.



We provide structural engineering services for projects ranging from extensions to new build properties. Our services focus mainly on walls, columns, foundations, roofs, and beams. Over the years, we have established structural calculations for a variety of clients across a range of projects and materials. If you want to speak to an expert or need a personalised quote, please feel free to contact us. 

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Why Choose Studio 20 Architects for Structural Engineering Services?

Studio 20 Architects is a RIBA chartered architecture and planning practice in Richmond offering integrated in-house structural engineering services for a wide variety of projects. All our structural engineers are highly skilled, qualified, and experienced. One of our structural engineers will visit your property and then produce accurate drawings and calculations needed for Building Control.



We pride ourselves on our level of professionalism. Regardless of the size or type of the project, our architectural planners and planning consultants will give you professional advice and guide you every step of the way. Give us a call now to discuss your project with one of our experts and get a free quote.

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Let's Get Started

So, if you are looking for experienced and qualified structural engineers for your project, then turn to Studio 20 Architects. You can call us directly or send us mail. You can also use the contact form on our website to get in touch with us.


During the initial consultation, we will listen to your needs and advise you on the appropriate design of your project. You can rest assured that we will handle everything, from initial design to Building Regulations approval.