Worcester Park - Bungalow Single Storey Rear and Loft Conversion 


The Proposed Project

This 3-bedroom family home badly needed an improvement. Our client approached us with a plan to transform their property into a true home. The garden was simply amazing and we had to bring the outdoors in. In other words, our aim was to make the most of the garden views and allow enough natural light to flood in. Also, they wanted us to improve the interior traffic while maximizing the space.

The other thing that they wanted is a loft conversion. There was enough head height. So, it could be easily transformed into a space for a cosy bedroom or study space with the best light and views.

sufflok road img1.jpg
sufflok road img2.jpg
sufflok road img.jpg

Our Solution For This Project

Even though there were no Greenbelt or Conservation Area related restrictions, the property was in a Flood Risk Zone. So, we paid careful attention to proper drainage and water runoff.


We matched the existing building line of the neighbours. And this is how we ensured that the rear elevation is subordinate to the surrounding space.


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