Kensington - Spa Interior Design

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What The Client Asked For

So, this client wanted to build this wellness spa for athletes on a beach in Kensington. They wanted to capture the true beachy vibe of this place. They also wanted to incorporate all the aspects as well as good quality materials that bring out the true personality of this space.

So, basically, our aim was to create an interior design that blends into its natural and rustic context while withstanding the elements such as the high wind speeds and saline content in the air.

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What We Offered

We had to keep in mind that the client wanted to minimise maintenance as much as possible because of the harsh beachside elements. So, we had to make sure the materials specified were long-lasting as well as highly resilient to the harsh weather.


We selected materials and designs to create a sense of grounding. Also, to reinforce the connection to the landscape, we determined natural materials such as travertine, slate, cobblestone, peeled natural willow, etc. 


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